Today's company “Bairnsfather Family Distillery s.r.o.” was first registered on August 26, 1991, two years after the Velvet Revolution, when aspiring Czech entrepreneurs were finally allowed to create and build their own companies outside of the State run economy. The founder was Martin Sebor (1955-2003) who gave the company the name “Sdruzeni pro vyrobu a odybt likeru s.r.o.” also know as Likerka Krasna Lipa.

In the year 2003, Martin Sebor contacted Kyle Bairnsfather, the founder of the brand name “Sebor Absinth” in 1998, and the first person to sell Absinth on the internet. Mr Sebor offered to sell 50% of the company and teach how to make handmade spirit based products from healing and aromatic herbs, everything 100% natural. Shortly after this, Martin Sebor died, and a variety of con men and criminal types began to spread various lies about their connection to him and cooperation that never happened. Unfortunately, this can be attributed to the early development of Capitalism in the former Communist Country, and was quite common at the time for foreign business owners to be subjugated to mafia-style practices where locals tried to steal the business from the foreigner. Luckily in our instance, they were not successful.

A new production facility was planned after his death in the beautiful nature of the Jeseniky Mountains. Specifically in the Upper Domasov area of the village of Bela pod Pradedem. A fairy tale picturesque valley directly under the winter and summer resort of Cervenohorsko Sedlo, perched on the mountain ridge above us, which also forms the European Watershed divide. On our side the water flows North to the Baltic Sea, on the other side it flows into the Danube and then to the Black Sea in the South. This strategic position ensures a steady supply of crystal clear soft water, free of dissolved minerals or salts because the water enters our ecosystem through the alpine forests and meadows directly above us, and has no time to dissolve anything before surfacing through our well, located directly above an underground spring. If you are drinking a 40% spirit beverage, then 60% of that beverage is water, and the quality of that water is percentage-wise, much more important than that of the spirit used. There is no chlorine in our products. In addition, the lack of dissolved minerals in the water we use, results in an increased capacity of the water to absorbed dissolved healing and aromatic compounds from the herbs that we use, resulting in a product with a higher concentration of herbal compounds than if chlorinated tap water was used, which is what other producers use. In fact, historical textbooks about the production of spirit based products (pre-industrial revolution) calls for the use of rain water in diluting alcohol.

The new facility was completed in 2006 with the first bottles of Bairnsfather Absinth & Bitter, Sebor Absinth, Bohem Absinth, Extra Anise Absinth, and Reality Absinth being filled in August 2007.

To increase diversity, we began experimenting with herbal elixirs created from aromatic and medicinal plants and searched from new business partners. The source of our recipes are Medical books, text books and instructional books for Druggists, Chemists & Pharmacists. Until the Industrial Revolution, alcohol was regarded and called the “water of life”. It was not produced in abundance like today, and due to the special properties of alcohol it was relegated to the realm of Alchemy, and into the medicinal field. Medical practitioners understood the sterilization properties of alcohol, even though they didn't know micro-organisms and bacteria existed. They also discovered that alcohol is able to dissolve into itself a greater amount of compounds than other liquids, in fact it can make part of the dissolved liquid's volume disappear, like magic. For example, 50 liters of 50% alcohol mixed with 50 liters of water will not have a total volume of 100 liters. Other liquids when mixed together contain a total volume that is a sum of volumes added: 50 liters water mixed with 50 liters of water will have a total volume of 100 liters. But 50 ltrs water and 50 ltrs 50% spirit will have a total volume of 96.3 - nearly 4 liters of water “disappear”. It doesn't disappear, but is absorbed into the alcohol itself, hidden in some molecular organization that makes it stealth. For this reason (ability to absorb into itself), it has been used for thousands of years by healers as the de facto number one liquid for the preparations of healing tinctures, elixirs and macerates.

Folk medicine and natural remedies were all that existed for healing humans for tens of thousands of years. The advent of “modern” medicines is a relatively short phenomenon as the belief that bacteria cause illness didn't become widespread until the end of the 1800's. Scientists in the early 1800's were mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed for even proposing something as preposterous that “living breeding organisms we are unable to see with our naked eye are the source of disease and illness”. How could an invisible life form cause our death? Nonsense. But the opposite was true. (Just like people claiming that distillation of the macerate makes a better absinth than non-distillation). Medicinal Origin of Alcohol Based Beverages.

Medical practitioners and healers possessed knowledge from previous generations as to what natural remedy aided in the healing of an ailment. The key was how to isolate the healing compounds and preserve these compounds for future use. Alcohol was the perfect medium! Due to the absorption properties of alcohol, it was ideal for the extraction of healing compounds, simply macerate the medicinal part of a plant in alcohol, and the healing compounds were removed from the plant material into the alcohol. This also allowed for concentrated mixtures to be prepared, so that just 1 drop of a tincture contained the same amount of active healing compound as in 1 kilogram of raw plant material. Alcohol is also able to dissolve oil and water based compounds. As is well known, compounds can be broken down into those that dissolved into water and those that dissolve into oil and oil and water do not mix. Alcohol is able to dissolve both, it is an universal solvent. In addition, alcohol is also an antiseptic, above specific concentrations it is able to kill all bacteria it comes in contact with, thus it makes the ideal medium for preserving healing compounds as the mixture will not ferment or spoil as the alcohol prevents any bacterial growth that might destroy the macerate or tincture. In short alcohol was the perfect medium for the preparation, concentration, and preservation of healing compounds and its widespread use was due to its use in the medical community for the preparation of medicines.

Since these concentrations of healing compounds didn't taste very good, aromatic herbs were added as well as sweeteners. In addition the concentrations were diluted with water. This led to the first healing elixirs being produced. These healing elixirs are the ancestors of today's liqueurs and herbal based alcoholic drinks. Their goal was to heal, not harm.